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Balance small biz travel with life: 5 tips
Feel like you're on the road too much? Prevent burn out with these five steps.
Polish up your image on a budget?
You can. Check out a program for small businesses with five computers or less & get big savings on Microsoft solutions.
Get a no-hassle business Web site—for free
See how to get a free domain name, e-mail accounts, site hosting, design help & more.
10 low-cost ways to market a business
Many small-business owners think marketing is like a trip to the dentist — dreaded but necessary. It needn't be.
4 ways to reward employees
Every small business wants motivated employees. They work more efficiently and produce better results. Using monetary and other rewards to improve motivation is a simple idea, but doing it fairly and effectively can be challenging.
Financial software help
Get accounting and financial software that offers important business insight so you can make better and informed decisions.
Want to start a new business?
You have a lot to look forward to — starting a business is an exciting time. In the Microsoft Startup Center, you’ll find the resources you need to get your business up and running, including special offers designed for new businesses.
8 steps for great marketing
You’re just starting a business and need more customers, right? You probably should be marketing. But how? Do you advertise? Host an event? Send out press releases? Exhibit at trade shows? What does it really mean to market your business anyway?

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